A proposal for the way foreward in Iraq

The Independent has printed a thoughtful proposal for the way to proceed in Iraq from someone who really should know what he is talking about – Ali A Allawi, the Minister of Trade and Minister of Defence in the Iraqi Governing Council Cabinet from 2003 to 2004. He was also in the Transitional National Assembly, and Minister of Finance, Transitional National Government of Iraq in 2005-2006.

His proposals are certainly not going to please the White House, but the analysis seems more plausible than Bush’s alleged strategy of increasing troop levels in Iraq. He points out that the majority of the states in the Middle East find the current situation of increasing Shia ascendency in Iraq deeply disturbing and that a solution to the current crisis must be generated initially from within Iraq and then get regional support for the direction taken – that includes support from Iran and Turkey.

It’s a long article, but worth reading and certainly quite different from any proposal that Bush is likely to make, which unfortunately means it has little chance of being implemented.