Get your audio books set up correctly in iTunes

I found this excellent tip on If you have ripped audio books from CD into iTunes, normally iTunes will think that you have added music. Since iTunes 8.0 it is possible to reclassify the tracks, so that iTunes recognizes them as audiobooks, which means that they will appear in the audiobooks section in iTunes, and that when you stop listening to a track, it will remember where you were up to.

To reclassify the tracks:

  • select one or more tracks to be reclassified
  • right-click on them
  • select Get Info from the context menu which appears, click on the Options tab and make the following settings:
  • The Media Kind should be changed to “Audiobook”, Remember position needs to be “yes” and unless you want your book tracks to be included when you shuffle music tracks also set Skip when shuffling to “yes”.