Humyo doesn’t like long file names

I have just subscribed to (they also have an address at for english speaking users). Humyo offer an interesting service. You can backup 10GB of your local data to their servers for free, or you can pay €59.50 a year for 100GB of storage and also use a utility that you get as a subscriber that allows you to treat their storage as a local drive that you can copy files to and from. The utility (SmartDrive) also keeps the local and remote files in sync if you change them after they are copied to Humyo’s servers.

The data on their servers are encrypted, and the file transfers take place via an encrypted link.

So far so good. The service is attractive – for under 60 Euro per year, you have the peace of mind that even if your home burns down or your computers are stolen, your data is stored safely off-site and you can access it from anywhere in the world. Which means if you want to, you can access documents while you are away from home.

I started uploading data a couple of days ago, and after a bit, had the impression that although not all the data had been uploaded, the process had hung itself up. On investigating, I discovered that the SmartDrive for the Mac does not like long file names:

Humyo error message - file name too long
It is impossible to copy files to their server if one of them causes this error message. A multiple file transfer hangs and doesn’t always tell you that it has stopped, or why. If you transfer the file using their web browser client, it works fine. But after doing that I was shocked to discover that other files which I have successfully transferred using SmartDrive and which I can open on my Mac from the SmartDrive local image are not displayed in the web client (The “too long” file, MacLife-2006-05-Bankermächtigung.pdf, is the only one you can see in the web client):

Inconsistent data - Humyo local drive and via the web client
Inconsistent data - Humyo local drive and via the web client

I’ve contacted Humyo – if they can fix the problems, then I will continue to evaluate their product, otherwise I will be cancelling my subscription – my data is too important for me to take risks that it may not be on their server when I need it.

Update (2009-08-15):
I received a helpful reply from their support team, after exchanging a couple of e-mails. I can use WebDAV to upload my files in the mean time, and

We have created a ticket for our developers in regards to your mac
issues. The situation with the mac client is that under beta testing
issues are going to be raised, once they have been reported information
is passed to our developers in order to resolve the problems. Following
this an update will be released to the website and used. As the client
is in beta we will be looking at up to 3 weeks in order to resolve the
problems you highlighted.