A place in Spain

At the beginning of this year, the company I work for took over a smaller competitor. Some months later (surprise, surprise) cost cutting measures were announced, which included an offer allowing early retirement. After some thought Ruth and I decided it was an offer too good to pass up, and I signed up. So I finish work in the middle of next year.

We have been thinking for some time, that when we retire, we’d like to spend quite a lot of time in Spain – we have spent the last 4-5 years doing Spanish courses and looking around the different regions of Spain to decide where we might like to spend time when we retire. We settled last year on the region around Valencia. Valencia is a nice size – not too big, but plenty going on. There are also a number of nice towns nearby. So having signed on the dotted line at work, we went down to Spain to start doing some serious research – what property can you really get for your money?

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