Nice free 2D/3D modelling tool on the web

We have been trying to plan the furniture for the various rooms in our new house – we need to check everything will fit in, and think about how many power points lights and switches we need, where. For the kitchen and some other rooms we have been using the IKEA planning tools which you can download from their site. They allow 3D modelling and will spit out a BOM (bill of materials) listing all the items you need to order from IKEA and the total price. Very handy. However, IKEA doesn’t provide tools for every room in the house, and of course not everything will come from IKEA. The programs only run on PCs however, which is a bit of pain for us (most of the computers here are Macs).

We have played around with Google Sketch-Up, which is very powerful and allows 2D and 3D modelling, but has a correspondingly steep learning curve. But today I stumbled over Roomle, which is a new web-based 2D/3D modelling application, which seems easier to learn (but probably not as powerful). I found it on LifeHacker, which has a short article summarizing its features. I think it could be worth playing with over the next days as it looks like it will allow us to quickly model our remaining rooms.