I say Gugelhupf, you say Kougelhopf


We were in the Alsace (or should that be Elsass?) this week to visit the 16ème Carrefour Européen du Patchwork (the 16th European Patchwork Meeting) in Ste Marie-aux-Mines. I was quite taken to see that in the Alsace region of France, the cake which I have always thought was called Gugelhupf is called Kougelhopf by the locals. You often hear languages evolve and change with time and place; here is an unusual but tasty example!

There were quite a mix of nationalities taking part – Brits, Americans, Germans, Dutch and of course French, to name a few of the commonly heard voices. But it was also interesting to notice that the shuttle bus drivers announced the bus stops in French and German, but not in English! Not surprising given that the Alsace changed hands between the French and the Germans 4 times in a space of 75 years.