Message Etiquette

I am obviously getting disconnected from what are considered to be the correct social norms. I realised that when I read this article on LifeHacker about when it is acceptable to call someone and leave a voicemail message instead of texting them.

The truth is, no matter what kind of message you leave, some people will just never listen to their voicemails, period. Even if you call them five times and leave three voicemails, they’re just not going to do it, and they’re not going to change for you. The expectation is that if it’s important, you’ll either text, so they’ll read it when they get back to their phone, or call again and catch them when they’re available…

…But if you can, stick to texts. It saves time for both parties and does the job adequately well for a good chunk of the time.

Hmm – I’m clearly out of sync with current etiquette. I send about 1 text message a month. At the most. But I will often leave a voicemail message if I call you and you’re not around. I also expect that the message will be listened to.