Update on the house in Spain

The garden at the side of the house.

The last weeks have been quite frustrating. Lots of small jobs being done, most of which seem to create dirt and dust. However, I think we really are on the end straight now. The electrician has started adding the missing power points and ethernet sockets (which unfortunately has meant cutting some quite large holes in the lounge wall to pull the cables through).

After he had mounted some wall lights for us, it became clear that the finish of the plasterboarding in the lounge and office wasn’t up to scratch, so we have also had a lot of dust at the end of the week as the walls have had to be sanded to level out joints in the walls. I hope that both the electrical and the plasterboard jobs are going to be finished in the next couple of days. Then the dirt and dust creation should stop, and I can start assembling furniture and unpacking!

When that is done, I just need some dry weather, so the work outside can be finished (it has rained heavily most of last week, although today has been sunny).