Online in Spain now

I have been waiting for several weeks to have internet and a landline phone installed. There were two alternatives – Vodafone can deliver a landline and ADSL connection, or I could use a WiMax connection for both the phone and the broadband. I have been waiting for Iberfone to come and test whether they can supply a WiMax connection- it is cheaper and and twice as fast as Vodafone’s connection.

Yesterday Iberfone came – the measurements showed I can get a good signal (their aerial is on top of the castle which we can see from our garden, so that wasn’t really a surprise). And after they completed the measurements, they installed the necessary equipment. At the moment I only have internet, there is a technical problem that needs fixing in their main switch before the phone will work, but that should be fixed tomorrow.

I am very pleased. I have measured 10 Mb/s download speed and 4 Mb/s upload speed. The upload speed in particular is really good as normally with an ADSL connection (using a landline), the upload speed is only about 15% of the download speed.

(Now I just have to persuade Vodafone to accept a cancellation of my landline order, which I made before I found out about Iberfone. That could be fun. Still, they originally said they would deliver the connection within 15 days, and that was in October – they still haven’t made an appointment to install it!)