Landline works now

We have been waiting for the last two weeks for our phone to be connected by Iberfone. We were given a number, but Iberfone couldn’t get a free port in the exchange to connect us. Well 5 minutes ago, I had my first call on the phone – not that Iberfone had called to tell me it was connected, but just that someone decided to try the new number.

Good news, as it means we can speak to people on the phone over Christmas without running up a huge mobile phone bill!

Update (24.12.2011): The phone works some of the time. Particularly in the evenings it often stops working. Iberfone are investigating. But if you want to contact us over Christmas and don’t get an answer on the phone, try skyping us instead!

Update 2 (03.01.2012): The electricians who installed the network came today and discovered (with support from Iberfone’s technical hotline) that they had made a mistake wiring the router into the rack. It looks like everything is now working reliably and correctly. The phone should be working all the time now!