Our postal address in Spain

Today we managed to get to the post office (no big feat, it is open daily from 8:30 to 20:30 hrs Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings, but we have spent nearly all our time working in the house) and organise a post office box.

We had gone to the vast expense of buying and installing a letter box next to our drive entrance, but a couple of test letters we sent ourselves never arrived.

Someone who lives in the next village told us that the post doesn’t deliver to Bixquert, which is where our house is. We were pretty sceptical, but today we went to the post office in Xàtiva, and they confirmed that there is no postal service here! So we have rented a post office box (an “apartado”) and will have to drive into town every few days to see if anyone has written to us! Don’t send anything to the street address of our house – it will be returned to sender (if there is a sender address on the outside) or destroyed.

The nice guy behind the counter did offer the hope that they may deliver in the future – but couldn’t say when that might be.

The address to use for post to us in Spain is on our contact page near the bottom.