Surprise, surprise: BMWs are unreliable

The British consumer magazine “Which” has just published a report showing that two different BMW models are the most unreliable and the third most unreliable models on the road in the UK.

This isn’t really a surprise. In Germany the brand enjoys better reliability statistics, but BMW runs a fleet of “Service Cars” there (and in Austria). A BMW owner in those countries gets free roadside assistance from the silver and white striped BMW estate cars 24 hours a day, every day of the year. (Follow the link in the previous sentence to see a picture of a service car).

Of course, the BMWs serviced by BMW’s Service fleet don’t get counted in the official ADAC (automobile club) break-down statistics, so the reliability looks a lot better. Perhaps someone at BMW Germany needs to give their British colleagues a word in their ear? Of course, it don’t affect how reliable the cars really are, just the statistics.

It’s interesting, BMW has operated the Service cars for many years, so presumably it is cheaper to run a team of mechanics on 24 hour standby and fix the break-downs than to build higher quality cars in the first place.

Never trust a statistic that you haven’t manipulated yourself…

Gun rights in the USA

The cultures of the USA and Europe have moved apart over the last 2 or 3 decades. Europe is more or less dominated by far-left political views, almost communist, if you listen to many Americans.

While in Europe, most people find the American belief in the unalienable right of its citizens to bear guns increasingly difficult to understand, given the public massacres that have occurred there in recent years. (Not that Europe is immune from massacres, even though it has more restrictive gun laws)

The Economist has an interesting short article on the origins of “rights” and on the US attitude to gun laws:

PEOPLE’S ideas often don’t make any sense when you try to hold them together in your head simultaneously, as Richard Rorty, Daniel Kahneman or Desiderius Erasmus will be happy to tell you.

One of the areas in which people tend to have ideas that don’t make sense, when you hold them together in your head simultaneously, is that of rights. For example, many Americans believe that our rights derive from God or from the very nature of being human. As Paul Ryan put it in a discussion of Obamacare this month, folks of his political persuasion don’t believe that the people have the power to make up new rights; rights come from God and nature.

These same Americans also generally believe that our rights are those delineated in the Declaration of Independence and the constitution, including a non-infringeable individual right to bear arms. And yet, clearly, people in most law-governed democracies other than the United States, countries like Britain, Canada, France, Israel, the Netherlands and Japan, do not have an individual right to bear arms.

How, then, can the right to bear arms as enshrined in the constitution derive from God, or from the very nature of being human? …

New venetian blinds

We knew that in the summer we’d need to keep the direct sun out of the bedrooms. We’ve already had temperatures of 40°C and humidity of over 80% while we were here in July. That humidity was very high, even for here. Normally it’s more often in the range of 40% – 60% at this time of year.

The sun shines into the main bedroom in the morning, and moves round to the guest room in the afternoon and evening. But finding blinds that went well with the style of the house wasn’t easy. In the end Enrique and Antonio found a company near Valencia, more or less round the corner from the Ford factory in Almussafes, (Fustablinds), who make traditional wooden venetian blinds in various colours.

We chose a natural finish which matched the underside of the roof, and the blinds arrived last week. We are very pleased with blinds. We have also been impressed with both the quality of the workmanship from Fustablinds, and their attention to customer satisfaction.

Recommended if you need traditional wooden blinds!

Climbing snails

Last year when we filled the pool and started running the filtration system, the first thing that happened, was that the filter for the pump filled up with snails.

Since then we haven’t seen any more of them in the pool, but in the last week or so I have noticed that they are climbing up the wild fennel plants (which grow on most waste ground in Bixquert):

In fact this appears to be common for snails in summer – snails like aestivating on fences and anything else that is above the ground:

Valparaíso Downhill Race 2012 (Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2012)

In February each year they stage a mountain bike race through the town of Valparaíso (Chile). The bikers have race down narrow steps, over jumps and take tight corners by riding up walls on the outside of the curves.

Crowd control is almost non-existant, and riders have to keep an eye open for people getting in the way and stray dogs:

In case you thought that didn’t look too bad, take a look at some of the “fails”:

The seventh art

I was looking up the gender of “arte” (art) in Spanish – it’s masculine and feminine, depending on whether you are using it in the singular or plural – and discovered that cinema is known as the 7th art in Spain.

That prompted me to look up what the other arts are (which are identically numbered in French). They are listed below. The first 5 were defined by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and the sixth and seventh arts were added by Ricciotto Canudo:

  1. architecture
  2. sculpture
  3. painting
  4. dance
  5. music
  6. poetry
  7. cinema

According to some sources, there have been later additions to the list (photography, cartoons, video games and multimedia), but Hegel’s original idea was to rank the fine arts, and other than photography, I wouldn’t rate the later additions as fine arts.

Opt out of Microsoft’s interest-based ads

You can opt out of being shown internet ads by Microsoft’s business partners here:

The process for the last link is not exactly user-friendly as Microsoft runs a lengthly cookie test in your browser before allowing you to deselect the ads. For maximum effect, deselect “All participating companies”. You need to run these procedures in each web browser that you use, and you may achieve more opt-outs if you repeat the request a few minutes later.